Sound / Vibration Testing

Sound and Vibration Testing

HVAC systems and components sometimes produce unnecessary and unwanted sounds and vibrations that are transferred into building structures and occupied spaces. Not only a nuisance to employees, excessive vibrations may promote early mechanical failure and poor performance.

Mechanical Testing Services, Inc. provides independent testing and analysis of sound levels in and around buildings, as well as testing and analysis of vibration levels of all mechanical equipment and in-service areas.

Benefits of Sound and Vibration Testing

Certified Sound and Vibration Testing Agent

As a certified testing, adjusting, and balancing agent, we will take measurements of sound pressure and vibration levels to determine cause.  Our technicians possess a strong understanding of the fundamentals of sound and vibration origins and will analyze the measurements to determine the source.

Once the source has been identified, our technicians will devise a course of action to correct or alleviate the problem.


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