New Construction Commissioning

New Construction Commissioning

The commissioning of new construction projects helps to ensure that integrated building systems operate efficiently, meet the needs of the end user, function as designed, and maintain occupant comfort. The initial costs of commissioning are recovered many times over through operating savings, improved staff performance, and avoidance of costly construction problems.

With Mechanical Testing Services, Inc., know that you are in the hands of an experienced, independent commissioning agent. Our systematic quality assurance processes verify that building systems are fully operational and perform interactively according to the design intent and owner requirements.

Why Commission a New Building?

It's simple: it's cost effective. Poorly performing buildings have inherently higher operating costs. Commissioning assists in the delivery of a project that provides a safe and effective work environment, optimizes energy use, reduces operating costs, and ensures proper documentation and training of the installed building systems.

We Commission the Following Systems:

How Much Does Commissioning Cost?

The price of building commissioning varies depending on the size of the project, complexity of building systems, and the systems to be commissioned.  However, new construction commissioning is a very small percentage of the total construction cost.

When compared to the operating expenses of a non-commissioned building, commissioned buildings can expect to save 8% - 20% on utility and operating expenses.  It's simple math: commissioning pays for itself many times over.


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